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    Alex is the founder of Conscious Life, and co-host of the world leading Super Conference series. He is also founder of The Optimum Health Clinic, one of the world’s leading integrative medicine clinics, which has a team of 25 full time practitioners supporting thousands of patients in 50+ countries.

    Alex is an immensely experienced psychology practitioner, having delivered more than 10,000 consultations. He has also led the Therapeutic Coaching practitioner programme since 2005, training the next generation of psychology practitioners. Since March 2020, Alex has been documenting his therapeutic work with real life patients via his In Therapy with Alex Howard YouTube series.

    Alex has published research in journals such as the British Medical Journal Open and Psychology and Health and is the author of three books. His first two books Why ME? and Decode Your Fatigue focus on his work with fatigue, and his most recent book, It's Not Your Fault: Why childhood trauma shapes you and how to break free, outlines his groundbreaking approach to healing the impacts of childhood trauma.

A guided meditation by Alex Howard.

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