Steve Beckett


Steve Beckett

Steve is based in London, UK, and has over twenty two years experience in business leadership as the Chairman and owner of a group of highly successful and multi award winning Arts and Entertainment Companies employing a team of 50 people in 5 global offices.

Steve is passionate about the Integral movement and in 2001 attended Integral Institute’s first Integral Transformative Practice event in Boulder Colorado, which gave him a real taste of the applied theory. Since then he has immersed himself in his own, ever evolving, Integral Practice, and more recently pursued Integral Coaching® as his way of contribution to the World.

Grounded deeply in the theory he is interested in how Integral can be used to make a practical difference in the “frontline” messiness of day-to-day life. His entrepreneurial foundation, coupled with a sense of humour and heartfelt approach, allows Steve to connect deeply with the people he works with, to support their development as leaders, and to facilitate change.

Besides carrying a full client load as an Integral Master Coach™, Steve is actively involved in building conscious community in London and has created and led a number of Men’s groups, as well as building a thriving spiritual community locally. He is happily married, loves music and art, all forms of bodywork, and walking in nature.

Spirituality and work are not separate, they are the same thing.


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