Natasja Pelgrom


Natasja Pelgrom


With her extensive experience as the founder of Awaken The Medicine Within, Natasja Pelgrom spearheads retreats and education programs that employ psycho-spiritual approaches to support individuals since 2017. Her remarkable intuition and empathic guidance have played pivotal roles in over 1000 psychedelic ceremonies, where she has served as a trainer, assistant, and facilitator. Furthermore, Natasja has held influential positions in various psilocybin-assisted wellness retreats and curated transformative programs, showcasing her expertise in overseeing psychedelic facilitation team development, and training paired with proven entrepreneurial understanding.

Natasja’s impact extends beyond individual mentorship, as she currently advises and supervises executives in the (psychedelic) wellness industry. Her profound wisdom and multifaceted mentorship approach, coupled with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, have positioned her as a trusted mentor for leaders, coaches, therapists, and healers. Natasja focuses on fostering mind-heart coherence to help these professionals thrive in their respective services.

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