Mystkue Woods


Mystkue Woods


Mystkue Woods, MEd (she/her) is a sexuality arts educator and consultant based in Philadelphia, PA. She is the CEO of Mystkue Publications, L.L.C, an organization focused on the innovation of expressive arts and sexuality for marginalized communities. She specializes in integrating the expressive art modalities of poetry, dance, music, drama (theater), storytelling, and creative movement to promote positive attitudes toward sexual and reproductive wellness across cultures and communities.

Her work has served over two thousand youth and young adults in Maryland, Mississippi, New York, and Pennsylvania through prevention programs about STIs, HIV/AIDS, Consent, Safer Sex Practices, Intimacy, and Healthy Communication.

Mystkue lives by the self-coined mantra "Sen•Sex•Sen" which represents a culmination of the concepts of sensuality, sexuality, and sentiment. These she believes are essential components to accessing self-love, self-growth, and self-respect.

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