Mark Walsh


Mark Walsh


“Mr Embodiment” is the author of Embodiment, Working with the Body in Training and Coaching, and Embodied Meditation. He led The Embodiment Conference (1,000 teachers, 500,000 delegates) and has trained over 2,000 embodiment coaches in over 40 countries.
Most recently Mark Walsh founded the Sane Ukraine Project: “In a world where very few are thinking straight in these high winds of disaster and trauma, Mark and the Sane Ukraine project are actually walking the talk by going to Ukraine to help - that's as healing as it gets.” - Ruby Wax 

"We have trained 60 Ukrainian psychological resilience and trauma educators in Lviv, Ukraine who now work throughout the country." Sane Ukraine Project Team
His on-the-ground approach to Self-Regulation has become a mirror to the current zeitgeist and the Embodiment Unlimited community continues to grow rapidly through the newly launched Embodiment Portal.

Alex and the Conscious life team really know their stuff having done many great events and hosted loads of good speakers. I really recommend taking a look at this event. They have got so much available, it is a real feast.

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