Lin Chun Marina Lin


Lin Chun Marina Lin


As a former travel journalist, Li-Chun has spent almost twenty years traveling around the world to study from various shamanic cultures. She works with an Asian version of ayahuasca called Formosahuasca. An Acacia Confusa ayahuasca analog from Asia weaves her shamanic practices toward Re-enchantment, ancestral healing, and creative expression. Li-Chun (Marina) has a diverse background in shamanism, occult and art. She has been teaching both plant-assisted and non-plant-assisted shamanic workshops, as well as leading rituals worldwide for over a decade. She has maintained a deep connection to and studied plant spirits intensely. She is familiar with the relationships between sexual energy, the sacred feminine force, shamanism, and magic. Believing in the non-duality of body and earth (身土不二, literally: “body soil no two,” which means that the body’s present condition is the result of its environment), she continuously refines approaches of touching another person’s soul through the five senses and consciousness expansion.
Li-Chun began learning Ayahuasca in 2012, and is one of the few practitioners in Asia to have been fully trained in the authentic Ayahuasca lineages. She has studied with Mestizo shamans Christina Mendoza from Peru, Shipibo Conibo tribe shamans Antonio Vasquez and Metsa Oka, among others. She has been invited to give lectures at Europe’s largest psychedelic conference “Breaking Convention” in UK and at art institutions around Asia. Her collaborative artwork has been exhibited at the Gwangju Biennale (2021) in Korea, NYU ICA Shanghai (2022), Long March Gallery in Beijing (2019), and around the globe. Her passion for exploring the intersection of shamanism, occult, and contemporary art has earned her a reputation as a visionary in her field. Under the guidance of Israeli and British occultists, she has received initiation into a magical group. She is also skilled in traditional Chinese tea ceremonies and Japanese Butoh. Li Chun lives and works in Taipei.

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