Dr Wendy Troxel


Dr Wendy Troxel

Dr Troxel is a Senior Behavioral Scientist at the RAND Corporation and Adjunct faculty at the University of Pittsburgh and University of Utah, and author of the book Sharing the Covers: Every Couple’s Guide to Better Sleep. She is an internationally recognized sleep expert whose work is regularly cited by the media, including CNN, NY Times, WSJ, the BBC, and ABC News, as well as top-tier medical journals.

Dr Troxel is also a leading authority on the impact of early school start times on adolescent sleep. Her TEDx talk, Why School Should Start Later for Teens, has over 2.2 million views, and is at the forefront of national and international conversations concerning this topic. Dr Troxel’s mission is to help people understand the power of sleep to support health, well-being, productivity, and relationships.


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