Dr Aimie Apigian


Dr Aimie Apigian


Dr Aimie is a Board-Certified Preventive and Addiction Medicine Physician with a Double Masters in Biochemistry and Public Health. She specializes in trauma, attachment and identifying and reversing the effects of stored emotions in the body and on our health. Having personal experience in foster parenting, adopting and then her own chronic fatigue and autoimmune issues, she has discovered that negative life experiences become our biology, not just psychology. Compromising every system in our biology, these stored emotions cause inflammation, digestive issues and contributes to all disease and aging. Stored emotions become the biggest thief to our health, happiness and aliveness without us ever knowing.

I have such high respect for Alex's dedication to bringing effective tools and solutions around trauma! He did not back down in developing impressive work on addressing trauma and took on what others see as too complex. His commitment to making an impact in the lives of many people has been remarkable! Please join us at this year's Reset Super Conference and watch my interview on the biology of trauma and neurodevelopment.

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