The De-Stress Effect

Charlotte Watts

Charlotte Watts

This series from leading wellness expert Charlotte Watts explores the short and long term effects of stress on the body and mind and offers practical, proven methods to alleviate the symptoms and tackle stress at its roots. Charlotte's methods have been developed over her years as a leading nutritionist and senior yoga teacher and are backed by a wealth of scientific research.

40 modules course
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Module 1

Introduction to the De-Stress Effect

Charlotte Introduces the nine principles of the De-stress Effect, which elaborates on her book of the same name.


Module 2

Understanding Cravings

Charlotte examines briefly some of the root causes of-and misperceptions about-cravings.


Module 3

How Do I Feel?

Charlotte talks us through the benefits of ‘tuning in’ to feelings and making decisions from a less impulsive place, finishing with a short meditation to aid this practice.


Module 4

Treat Yourself as a Friend

By learning contentment, we can learn to take care of ourselves. Here, Charlotte outlines what this means and gives some practical examples, and a short meditation.

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