Introduction to the Journey to Completion

Norma Nakai Burton

Norma Nakai Burton

The shadow refers to repressed and unconscious parts of ourselves that we had to hide away or put into the darkness because they are too painful to look at. These parts often get put there as a result of difficult experiences or traumas, and serve as important initial protection from further harm. Regardless of how great your life has been, everyone has shadow elements. Left in the dark and un-integrated, our shadow often keep us from acting with integrity, and can cause us and others a great deal of suffering. We can end up reacting to life in fear and pain and feeling like a victim of our circumstances. Norma Nakai Burton’s system, Journey to Completion, offers a path to wholeness, a safe space to discover our false selves and bring our shadows to light. In this course, she gives an introduction to what it means to be on this journey, and how you can come to identify your own shadow elements as a first step towards greater freedom and wholeness.

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