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    The Optimum Health Clinic (OHC) is an award winning (CAM Magazine “Outstanding Practice Award”) integrative medicine clinic with a specialism in supporting those with fatigue related conditions using CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) based approaches for optimising health, relaxation and general well-being. OHC was set up in 2004 by Alex Howard (author of WHY ME? My Journey from ME to Health and Happiness) and having worked with clients in 50+ countries the clinic is recognized for its innovative approach of systematically researching and testing different approaches, and integrating them together in the most effective way. With many of the team having had personal experience of fatigue related conditions, the clinic is also well known for its caring and empathic approach.

    OHC has a strong commitment to research and growing the evidence base behind its approach. Research studies have so far been published in journals such as the British Medical Journal Open, Psychology and Health and Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. The OHC research team have recently gained NHS Ethics approval for a randomized controlled trial, as a follow up to a prospective preliminary study published in the British Medical Journal Open in November 2012.

Nik Cook interviews Alex Howard about the key principles of understanding fatigue. This session is designed for carers and friends and family, but also includes a helpful overview of The Optimum Health Clinic approach to fatigue related conditions.
(Carer session 1/3 originally produced for the 2019 Fatigue Super Conference).

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