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    Dr Suman Gupta is an NHS General Practitioner with over 15 years experience in the NHS. Her experience has strengthened her competence and skills in offering a combined conventional and functional medicine approach to health. Dr Gupta has trained with the Institute of Functional medicine (AFMCP) and works alongside global leading Functional Medicine doctors. She sees patients from all over the world.

    As a registered and trained General Practitioner, Dr Gupta has always applied a holistic approach to treating her patients, combining functional medicine with a conventional approach for many years to prevent and reverse chronic disease. With a special interest and having certified in diabetes care, she has successfully managed and reversed diabetes in several of her patients by applying a holistic approach and adopting a healthier lifestyle. She continues to use this approach to manage chronic diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular risks and disease, depression as well as optimizing women’s health and fertility and children’s health.

    Dr Gupta is a member of The Royal College of General Practitioners, General Medical Council and Institute of Functional Medicine.

Dr Suman Gupta, an NHS practitioner of 15 years experience, shares practical tools and strategies from mainstream and functional medicine for how to improve your prognosis if affected by post-viral fatigue.

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