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    Dr Carsten Nicolaus is a world-renowned Lyme expert, having dedicated his career to the research, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Since 1990, he has treated over 27,000 Lyme patients from over 50 countries.  After obtaining his medical license in 1988 and specialising in organ transplant, he went on to do his doctorate in immunology in Munich. In 1990 he opened a practice for general medicine in Bergheim, Germany where he began to diagnose and treat Lyme patients.

    In 2006 he had founded the BCA-clinic, BCA-lab & Research facility and BCA-Training Academy, gaining worldwide recognition and praise for establishing successful diagnostic tools and treatment protocols. Over the years, it is these diagnostic tests and treatment plans that have helped thousands of chronic Lyme patients gain a better quality of life.

    In 2016, he founded and became CEO of Infectolab Americas (USA) with the aim of developing high quality tests and rigorous testing procedures to raise the bar in diagnostic testing for viruses and bacteria (including Lyme and other tick borne diseases). This includes PCR (swab) and ELISA (antibody) testing for Covid19 Coronavirus.

    Dr Nicolaus has been an active member of ILADS (International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society) since 2007, as well as the ILADEF (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Education Foundation) where he was treasurer from 2013-2018 and Board Director from 2011-2018. He is a certified training physician who has taught over 1,100 doctors since 2006.

Dr Carsten Nicolaus, world renowned Lyme expert, discusses how to address tick borne diseases to increase your energy

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