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    Lee became interested in psychology following his own journey in recovering from ME, he crashed in 2016 preceded by years of chronic headaches and a growing frustration about his health. Despite having never meditated he quickly found that a daily meditation practice offered help with his often scary and varied symptoms. Once he realised what was going on for him with a diagnosis of ME it soon emerged that psychology, with a particular focus on emotions was going to play a pivotal role in his recovery.

    He has a keen interest in philosophy and reading a wide range of literature, fuelled by a fascination in human expression and people’s inner worlds. Although having read extensively about emotions Lee felt he did not have the right tools to help him improve the relationship he had with his own. Part way through his recovery Lee decided to join the Therapeutic Coaching practitioner training where he was introduced to a range of tools which allowed his two passions of people and philosophy to wed, offering a personal participation whilst having the privilege of helping others. His previous career was in accountancy, which never felt aligned but with no obvious alternative it seemed a sensible path to follow, it was through getting unwell that Lee feels he has now found a career that feels fulfilling and is an expression of everything he is passionate about. Lee is keen to continue his learning and has a strong passion for Neurodiversity and the authentic self.

Lee shares the story of his recovery from ME/CFS and the key role that processing his emotions has played.

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