Dive deeper into your practice with these all-levels series of shorter and longer videos, designed to help you build a bespoke yoga practice.

Alternatively use all the videos in sequence for a longer practice.

Modules: 24
Duration: 24 Yoga Modules
3.5 Hours
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Try now for free Strong but soft, dynamic yet meditative – there is an emphasis on right and skillful action to bring inner peace, balance and harmony.
Phenix Yoga


01. Pranayama Breathing Exercises

Jeff guides two practices of pranayama (breathing) excercises: Kapalbhati, a powerful, cleansing practice, and Nadi Shodhana, a practice to balance the mind..

02. Meditation for Becoming Present

Meditation for becoming present

03. Beginning from Seated

Begin your practice with seated postures.

04. Beginning from Laying Down

Start your practice with reclining postures.

05. Warming up with Navasana sequence

Warm up the core muscles using variations on Navasana (boat pose).

06. Warming Up with Reclining Postures

Ease into your practice with reclining stretches and twists.

07. Down Dog / Cobra Sequence

Down dog / cobra sequence

08. Finding the Core

Deeper core muscles are accessed using plank pose.

09. Simple Vinyasa from Child’s Pose

Learn this sequence as a way to flow in and out of postures.

10. Deep Side Stretch Sequence

Deep lunges and side stretches to elongate the side body.

11. Deep Side Stretch with Twists

A more challenging side-stretch option for use after your warm-up.

12. Deep Twisting Lunges

Use twisting lunges, with advanced options, to continue your sequence.

13. Standing Side Stretches and Balances

A more challenging side stretching sequence that includes balances. (coming soon)

14. Standing Poses

Focus on finding your foundations with standing and balancing poses.

15. Pigeon Variations

Learn the mechanics of this deep hip-opener.

16. Crow Variations

Learn the mechanics of these arms balances.

17. Side Planks

Learn to which muscles to engage for safe, supported side plank.

18. Handstand Variations

Learn the mechanics of handstand.

19. Backbends

Backbend practices and backbend releases to suit all bodies.

20. Seated Twists

Seated Twists

21. Shorter Finishing Sequence

Shorter Finishing Sequence

22. Longer Finishing Sequence

Longer Finishing Sequence

23. Final Meditation

Final Meditation

24. Savasana

Jeff guides you into a full, deep savasana (relaxation).


Jeff has a seriously playful and mindful unique teaching style which is varied, creative and influenced by a wide range of different yoga schools including the emphasis on breath and movement of Vinyasa flow, the precision and alignment of Iyengar, the heart orientated grace of Anusara...

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