Will Pye is a social entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, writer, mentor and wisdom teacher.

A successful business career in charity fundraising culminated in establishing his own company by 26. A quest to realize the nature of reality and answer life’s biggest questions for himself coupled with a desire to escape his pain, saw an exhaustive study of various fields of human endeavour and an intensive exploration of various transformative practices such as psychological techniques, meditations, yoga, Qi Gong and shamanic work.

When a brain tumor diagnosis at 31 was experienced with nothing but peace, joy and fascination and a sense of opportunity it became clear it was time to share what had been found in service of our evolution. Blessed With A Brain Tumor; Realizing It’s All Gift And Learning to Receive is his first book. He currently divides his time between Cambridge, England, Melbourne, Australia and a full teaching itinerary offering talks, ‘satsang’ and ‘Radical Gratitude’ Playshops around North America, Continental Europe and Asia Pacific.

Suffering is a means by which we come back to ourselves.
Will Pye