A Guide to Deep Health, Joyful Self-Care, and Resilient Well-Being.

Based on the principals she sets out in her popular book The Vitality Map, Naturopathic Physician and Transformational Coach Dr. Deborah Zucker offers simple, practical, and sustainable ways of finding greater well-being and vitality in everyday life. She guides the practitioner into examining their own present life circumstances, what’s working, what’s draining, and what could be tweaked for more ease.

Dr. Zucker offers nine different keys, ranging from cultivating resilience, to finding your yes, to experimenting with curiosity to finding easeful discipline. Through rich stories, guided meditations, and practical applications, this simple yet deep and powerful guide takes into account the uniqueness of the individual watching, bringing them into deeper self-awareness of their patterns and helping them cultivate a supported plan that puts self-love, care, and living like you matter at the heart of the exploration toward feeling more vital and alive every day.

Modules: 10
Duration: An in-depth course
2 Hours
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Dr. Deborah Zucker


01. Introduction

Deborah speaks of her own journey through chronic fatigue to finding her own vitality and well-being.

02. Key #1: Honoring Your Unique Life

Deborah helps connect you to your own life circumstances with a sense of reverence and appropriate responsibility.

03. Key #2: Facing and Embracing Your Shadows

Deborah guides you into understanding your own unconscious resistance and behaviors.

04. Key #3: Strengthening Your Self-Awareness Muscles

Deborah talks about how to marry what you hear and research about health with your own inner sense of knowing.

05. Key #4: Cultivating Resilience

Deborah honors the ever changing nature of our circumstances and how to use feedback from our own self-awareness to steer us.

06. Key #5: Aligning with Your Yes

Deborah helps you find your deep alignment with and consistent choice to utilize what works for you and brings you joy.

07. Key #6: Experimenting with Playful Curiosity

Deborah brings play, experimentation, and lightheartedness into what can easily become a serious journey.

08. Key #7: Discovering Easeful Discipline

Deborah helps you find a discipline that works for you, and is not at odds with maintaining your curiosity.

09. Key #8: Inviting Support and Connection

Deborah speaks about how to cultivate our social support systems to hold and be held in our mutual journeys.

10. Key #9: Living Like You Matter

Deborah explains how while finding greater health is not all about you, it starts with the knowledge that taking care of yourself really matters.


A licensed naturopathic physician, transformational health coach...

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