There is a new spiritual teaching emerging, rooted in spiritual experience, unfolding naturally with our evolution as a human species.

Articulating this new wave, or second renaissance, as Steve McIntosh calls it, is his purpose and passion, and he speaks about it with great fervor and heart in this philosophical commentary.

This new teaching is not reliant on belief structures, traditions, or religious practices, rather, it is a process of allowing conscious evolution to inspire and steer us towards our particular purpose in its unfolding, a more whole version of ourselves, and a greater appreciation and expression of goodness, truth, and beauty. This new path integrates the best wisdom from ancient religions, scientism, and pluralism to carry forth what we already know to be true, while allowing for expansion and change to include more perspectives as evolution unfolds, making it more applicable and appealing to our post post-modern world.

Join Steve as he lays out the history of our evolution as a species thus far, and its promise and possibility for the future. We stand on the edge of an exciting precipice of new understanding. We are changing more rapidly than we ever have before, and discovering our role and responsibility in this unfolding brings a new sense of personal empowerment and spiritual maturity to bear. How is evolution its own spiritual teaching? Watch and find out...

Modules: 8
Duration: In-depth discussion
An exploration of evolution
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Steve McIntosh


01. Introduction to the Spiritual Teachings of Evolution

Steve shares about his background and passion in Integral Philosophy and an evolutionary worldview.

02. What is Evolutionary Spirituality?

Steve describes how this next wave is rooted in spiritual experience and how it transcends mythic religion and scientism, while integrating the important truths of both.

03. A Brief History of Human Ideas about Evolution

Steve outlines some of what humans believe about evolution including topics like the big bang, social and biological evolution, and the influence of idealist philosophers.

04. Lessons from the Structure of Evolutionary Emergence

Steve shares how evolution creates value and increasing complexity - something more evolves from something less.

05. The Evolutionary Impulse is Evolving Within Us

Steve describes how this impulse reveals our potential and duty as humans, and how our degree of transcendence can be measured by the scope of our inclusion.

06. The Spiritual Energy of Goodness, Truth and Beauty

Steve talks about the process of evolution as an increase in the ability to experience what’s intrinsically valuable or what is more good, true, and beautiful.

07. A Universe of Progress and Purpose

Steve talks about how we can be mindful of the spiritual essence of all things, and channel it into our work.

08. Practicing These Teachings on Behalf of a New Renaissance

Steve describes a new spiritual interpretation and practice of evolution that fortifies our sense of belonging in the universe and supercharges our purpose in helping to make the world a better place.


He currently works as president and co-founder of the integral political think tank: The Institute for Cultural Evolution...

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