Financial therapist, mamapreneur, and author Bari Tessler talks about her book, The Art of Money: A Life Changing Guide to Financial Happiness, in an interview with U.S. Producer Nicole Fegley.

The book spans a wide territory, covering various forms of money healing, money practices, and money maps to help readers create a more positive relationship to money.

Bari starts by talking about her own money journey to reveal her unexpected passion for the subject, and how she married her background in somatic therapy with more traditional forms of financial advisory to create her unique offering.

We all have money journeys, and they are often fraught with potholes and experiences that shape how we relate to money for years to come. What’s more, we’re barely given any roadmaps to help relate to money along the way, and it’s often regarded as the untouchable frontier of life, not to be spoken about or dealt with head on. So, Bari begins the book with Money Healing, which attends to our internal beliefs and emotions about money, worth, and value.

Looking internally gives space to allow for better, more wholly informed choices and supportive self-care and relational practices around money. Money rituals, money dates, body check ins and values based bookkeeping are just some of the gems Bari offers here.

Finally, Bari explores her final section of the book, Money Maps, which help create a path to our desired future and a continual refining and reshaping of our growth in this wildly important and inescapable part of life.

Modules: 4
Duration: An in-depth interview
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Try now for free I had to have my own stories in this so people would know I’ve really been doing this work with myself, my husband, my business, our child.
Bari Tessler


Bari’s gentle, body-centered approach weaves together personal, couple, and creative entrepreneurial money teachings...

How does this interview work?

The Art of Money is an in-depth interview with Bari Tessler. Join us as Bari explores the key elements of her work in healing around money.

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