Parthasarathy Vaidya


Parthasarathy Vaidya


Parthasarathy, or Partha for short, embodies the essence of his Sanskrit name, the 'Doctor Charioteer of the Confused Hero.' His guiding philosophy is to lead individuals from confusion to clarity and, ideally, to joy. With unwavering faith in the potential for profound transformation, he operates from the belief that every person possesses the innate power to heal themselves. This healing journey begins by identifying the root causes and initial imprints that set life patterns in motion.

Partha's therapeutic approach revolves around fundamental awareness and access to these imprints, creating a spaciousness that empowers conscious movement guided by the heart and mind. Through this process, individuals can reshape their patterns, aligning with their core Being and core Self, a truly magical place. Partha views his work as a facilitator of this awareness and a holder of space for transformative shifts.

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