Dr Claudelle Glasgow (Dr g)


Dr Claudelle Glasgow (Dr g)


Dr g (Claudelle R. Glasgow), Psy.D., SEP, NEDA Proficient (doc/we/she) is a multipotentialite serving as writer/storyteller, public speaker, spiritual psychologist, educator of many crafts, and chaplain/doula by the guidance of Spirit. As a non-binary, queer, first-generation Being from Afro-Caribbean (West Africa/Trinidad/Haiti/Americans) roots, liberatory views and dismantling constructs naturally flows throughout Doc’s lineage as well as the work. Dr g’s nearly 20 years in healing is emergent and grounded in a radical existential-somatic approach, which works with the power of the here and now, somatics, creativity, and liberation. Doc enjoys the conversations and collaborations that bring difference across diverse streams of thought/ways of being into mutual understanding.

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