Dr Cathy Malchiodi


Dr Cathy Malchiodi


Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, is a psychologist and expressive arts therapist specializing in the treatment of traumatic stress. Cathy has authored 20 books, 50 chapters and referred articles, and her publications are translated in 20 languages. She has given over 700 keynotes and workshops around the world. She has assisted over 500 agencies, organizations, and institutions in developing trauma-informed, expressive, and responsive programming including the World Health Organization, United Nations, US Department of Defense, Kennedy Center, and numerous mental health and healthcare agencies around the world. Her latest book is Trauma and Expressive Arts Therapy: Brain, Body and Imagination in the Healing Process.

“What makes Alex and the Conscious Life team unique is their dedication to bringing leading-edge information on proven approaches to treating trauma and resetting the nervous system. You will have access to not only to the best information available, but also an event that will give you a wealth of knowledge to use in practice with others and your own self-care.”

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