Tanja teaches mindful and alignment-based vinyasa which she likes to refer to as ‘soulful flow’ as there is always an emphasis on making an inner connection and moving much deeper than just the outer shape of the poses.

She continues to be amazed by the insights and inspirations which arise from consistent practice and the truly transformative power of yoga, and delights in sharing all she’s learning with her students.

Since her first yoga class in 2000 Tanja has explored many different styles of yoga with an abundance of wonderful teachers, all whom she is deeply grateful to for lighting her path, and she completed her Teacher Training with Yoga Campus in 2006. She is now a Contact Teacher on this training herself, mentoring students through the program. Rod Stryker has been a continuous inspiration for Tanja and she has studied with him yearly since 2005.

It’s not that yoga makes difficulty or pain go away, but it gives you so many amazing tools to deal with life’s continuous challenges. It also gives you the space for self-reflection which in turn prepares the ground for deep healing and transformation.
Tanja Mickwitz