Stephan’s Big Awakening is a 4-part comedy documentary series.

Follow the exploits of business journalist Stephan Nielsen as he embarks on a journey into the weird and wonderful worlds of spirituality, mindfulness, yoga and conscious living.

From laughter yoga to naked yoga, tantric sex to being injected with frog venom, each week Stephan dives deeper into a world full of fascinating characters and challenging environments, all in the name of having his big awakening. At the end of each workshop, Stephan weighs up what he has got from it with the help of his cynical yoga teaching flatmate Isabell.

Modules: 10
Duration: 4 Episodes 25 min each
4 part documentary series following Stephan Nielsen on his journey to awkening.
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Try now for free I don’t feel particularly spiritually endowed, so I’m pouring everything I am into changing that.
Stephan Nielson


01. Being Authentic

In an attempt to learn to be more authentic Stephan explores laughing yoga, yoga of relating, Osho dynamic meditation and naked yoga.

02. Sex

Stephan explores several sex-related spiritual workshops in a bid to trigger his Big Awakening.

03. Extreme Spirituality

Stephan endures a native American sweat lodge and frog venom injections as part of an effort to get more from these spiritual workshops.

04. Solitude

Stephan spends four days in the forest as part of a native American Vision Quest in his final foray into the world of spirituality.

05. Bonus - Conscious Kink

Stephan Nielsen meets Seani Love, an award-winning male sex worker who chains and whips clients into states of spiritual bliss.

06. Bonus - Tantric Community

Stephan gets a 'four-hands' tantric massage to see if he can tap these ecstatic spiritual-sexual highs he’s heard so much about.

07. Bonus - Psycho-sensual Therapy

Stephan meets Colin Richards, a so-called psycho-sensual masseur who claims he can help rape victims overcome their fears of sex.

08. Bonus - Tantric Masseuses

Stephan talks to a tantric masseuse about the rigors of working in this misunderstood industry.

09. Bonus - Islamic Exorcism

Stephan takes part in an Islamic exorcism to understand why anyone would put themselves through this grueling ancient ritual.

10. Bonus - Neuro Linguistic Programming

Stephan attempts to rewire his brain using controversial NLP techniques to help him overcome his crippling fear of spiders.


Stephan Nielsen is a British documentary maker with ten years of news-reporting experience. His diverse platform of work includes a Brazilian comedy web series and several short documentaries for European film festivals.

How does this series work?

Stephan's Big awakening is a documentary series on the weird and wonderful world of spiritual awakening workshops in England. Join us as Stephan Nielson experiments with various outrageous spiritual experiences in the name of having his own awakening.

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