Rupert guides a two hour long workshop in the afternoon during 3 days of the 2016 World Yoga Festival.

These will begin with a meditation followed by a session of questions and answers.

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Modules: 24
Duration: 3 days of Satsangs
3 days of Satsangs
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Rupert Spira


01. Introduction to Non-Dual Teaching

Rupert introduces non-dual teaching by asking, "with what do you know your expereince?"

02. Being Stripped Away

What remains when you can let go of everything you know you are? Stripping away the story exposes awareness.

03. Clearing the Fog

A seeker asks for clarification when she feels unclear, foggy and distracted.

04. We Are Always Awareness

A seeker asks if it's ok to find awareness in activities other than meditation.

05. Awake, Dreaming and Sleep States

An audience member asks for clarification between different states of consciousness.

06. Am I Not Infinite Awareness?

Rupert helps an audience member discover the difference between local or experiential awareness versus infinite expanded awareness.

07. When Life Gets Difficult

During a quiet period of the talk, Rupert asks the audience to make the most out of their awareness of space. An audience member asks how he can stay present during difficult experiences.

08. Intellectual Understanding vs Experience

An audience member tells Rupert that his intellectual mind is getting in the way of the full experience of awareness. Rupert offers some perspective on belief and knowing.

09. Little Patch of Blue Sky

Rupert begins day 2 by describing our permanent state as the sky, and our moving experiences as the weather. What we may think is our truth may in fact just be a drifting experience.

10. Enlightenment is Not Exotic

Rupert explains that while many spiritual journeys may include studies and artifacts from exotic parts of the world, the actual state of awareness is the most natural and ordinary experience there is.

11. Do We Have a Choice?

An attendee asks Rupert if awakening is a choice, or if it is imposed upon us by fate or grace.

12. It's Simple

Enlightenment is just an exotic name for peace and happiness. Rupert affirms to an audience member that finding that peace is much simpler than we try to make it.

13. Individuated Consciousness

A seeker questions Rupert about reality of experience with an example of seeing people in front of you versus the existence of people beyond physical sight.

14. Why This World?

Rupert is faced with the question "why?" - and offers a variety of answers that demonstrate that why can go on infinitely - and the only answer lies in simply being. Rupert suggests that the reason for consciousness may not be something humans can fully comprehend.

15. I Knew You

An audience member recites a biblical passage, "Even before you were formed in the womb, I knew you". Rupert offers his insights into the interpretation of this awareness speaking to the separate self.

16. What is Love?

When asked whether love is just a feeling or emotion, Rupert answers, "Love is the recognition that what each of us essentially is, is the same".

17. The Inward and the Outward Facing Path

Rupert begins day 3 by describing the "neti neti" process - Neither this nor that, I am that which is aware.

18. Inside and Outside

A man shares his awakening experience with Rupert and asks for advice on how to relate the inner awareness with the outer awareness.

19. Experience is the Test of Reality

Rupert suggests referring to ones experience as the gauge of reality rather than doubtful thoughts.

20. Lack of Purpose

Rupert says that consciousness cannot be described in relation to anything else, because it is that which everything else sits within. He also answers the difference between consciousness, drama and boredom.

21. Why Are We in Bodies?

A seeker asks to understand why free consciousness would choose the constraint of the body.

22. I Feel Guilty for Awakening

An audience member presents the notion that he feels guilty that in awakening he is leaving others behind.

23. You Have to Go In

An audience member wonders whether her study is taking away from the experience of just going in. Rupert muses that "the ego thrives on the attention we give it".

24. Perceiving Universal Consciousness

Rupert closes with the exploration of our ability to perceive consciousness from the level where we stand.


From an early age Rupert was deeply interested in the nature of Reality...

How does this workshop work?

This workshop is a 3-Day satsang intensive with Rupert Spira filmed live at the World Yoga Festival in Reading. Join us as Rupert guides the audience through topics of mindfulness, enlightenment and suffering.

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