If you’re understandably concerned for our future as humans, tune in to this interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard before you make your final conclusions about our inevitable self-destruction.

Barbara has more perspective on the course of human evolution than almost anyone else given her age and rich background. From running for Vice President, to authoring countless books, to teaching legions of seekers about how to live richer lives aligned with the natural unfolding of the evolutionary impulse, this woman is truly a national treasure. Her positivity and trust in human ingenuity and the spirit that lives within humans is special and infectious. Tune in to find out what God, the feminine, and the creative impulse have to do with our future. In this interview, Barbara offers profound perspective shifts and ways to practice to be a co-contributor of your own evolution.

Modules: 3
Duration: An in-depth interview
53 minutes
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Try now for free If any of you out there has an impulse that doesn't seem to be realistic, and you continue to say yes to it, then you are an active creator of evolution.
Barbara Marx Hubbard


Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called "the voice for conscious evolution..." by Deepak Chopra...

How does this interview work?

Our Bright Future is an in-depth interview with Barbara Marx Hubbard. In this series Barbara discusses where humanity is headed, exploring God, the feminine, and creative impulse as aspects of human evolution.

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