Norma Nakai Burton is a Shadow Integration Expert.

With eight years of graduate training in the psychology of religions and Jungian analysis, and through living with indigenous shamans from around the world, Norma brings rich expertise to this arena of human transformation.

Norma is the founder of the unique Journey to Completion ® Model. This somatic-oriented process is highly effective at healing deep-seated patterns due to trauma of all kinds. Whether one needs healing from abuse or addiction recovery, or improving communications within home or work relationships, this carefully crafted safe container is so effective at building self-esteem and personal empowerment because it results in the client becoming a more trustworthy person.

Currently in Ashland, Oregon she serves as spiritual leader of a Unity Church, carries on an active shamanic counseling practice, and is the Founder and Director of the Circle of Trust Healing Center.

Taking the spiritual warrior’s perspective means looking at your life with the acceptance that everything is being generated for lessons that you’re about to learn.
Norma Burton