Nicole is a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher from Switzerland.

Her playlist is just as eclectic as her roots: Nicole is the daughter of a Greek/Hungarian mother and a Swiss/Dutch father, and she aims to implement those different cultures into her teaching. Nicole believes that yoga can unite body & soul but it can also bridge different cultures and languages.

Nicole started practicing yoga as a means to strengthen her neck & back after a series of back injuries she had sustained over a period of 15 years. From a snowboarding accident in the Swiss Alps, a boating accident on the Turkish coast, to a motorbike accident in Greece: her back had been severely injured. Numerous therapies followed, but nothing seemed to help. A series of fortunate events then took her to London where she started practicing yoga. What she found during the classes was much more than she could ever have hoped for. Not only did the yoga practice strengthen her back, but she also found inner strength & peace through her asana practice, and that is what Nicole strives to pass on in her classes.

My yoga practice has had an effect in every area of my life—everything has been inverted, literally but also off the mat. Yoga has changed my relationships, has influenced my life choices and priorities in life.
Nicole Heller