Sri Mooji warmly invites all who are called by the fire of Truth to come to this 2-day Satsang Intensive in London.

Satsang (sanskrit) means "association with the highest Truth" and usually takes the form of a gathering with a teacher or master who guides those with a genuine urge for freedom into the discovery of our timeless Self. Satsang is the invitation to step into the fire of self-discovery.

This fire will not burn you, it will burn only what you are not. There will be two Satsangs daily, morning and afternoon, offering the opportunity to bring forward any questions, doubts, testimonies and observations to Mooji. This is for all to benefit from Mooji’s presence, wisdom, and direct, loving guidance. We are highly encouraged to be open, honest and natural with him. We will move in silence throughout these two days. It is good to use the time outside Satsang hours for genuine introspection. Satsang with Mooji is an auspicious opportunity to come into the direct recognition of our true nature as effortless Being--pure awareness itself.

Modules: 27
Duration: A 2-Day Satsang
A 2-Day Satsang
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01. Opening Prayer

Welcome to the 2-Day Mooji Intensive, Day 1 Session 1.

02. Knowing We Are the Harmonious One

Mooji emphasizes the most important aspects of his teachings, and what he hopes the satsang will achieve.

03. Glimpses of the Divine Nature

Mooji speaks with one of the audience members who has had glimpses of grace, yet continues to return to the ego mind.

04. I Experienced Nothingness

A satsang member shares with Mooji their experiences of oneness.

05. The Past is Finished with Itself, but Are You Finished with It

Mooji explores more questions with members of the satsang.

06. What Do You Still See as False?

Mooji shares that, "It is also wisdom to know that you are suffering, even with momentary waves of joy and pleasure. There’s a longing, perhaps the greatest and most auspicious longing to be at home in your own heart."

07. Panic Attacks

A seeker asks Mooji what she might do about panic attacks. Mooji explains addiction to experiences, until there is a breakthrough.

08. I Was Awake but Didn't Know What Was Going On

Mooji explains that true fulfillment is "not to be a person", but even more.

09. Pain Led Me to Stop Thinking

Mooji and a guest explore what it means to live in suffering, and how that can help or hinder the experience of awakening.

10. You Cannot Go to Your Mind for Who You Are

Mooji elaborates on a question, explaining "Freedom is not for the person. Freedom is from the person.” He also adds; “In order to be trapped you must have a form".

11. My Mind is Trying to Say I Am Not Awake

Mooji explores the difference between the desire to awaken and the witness witnessing that we are still living in the story of the mind.

12. Closing Music and Mooji Greetings

End of Day 1, session 2 of the 2 day Mooji Intensive filmed in Kensington, UK.

13. It Very Much Matters What Company We Keep

As we go along our spiritual paths, the people that remain in our life can change, often times for the better.

14. How Can We Grow A Beautiful Relationship?

Mooji advises a seeker, "The best thing you can bring to a relationship is yourself, rooted in understanding."

15. There is a Sense of Me That is Afraid of Leaving

A seeker approaches Mooji asking advice for her fear.

16. When I Try to Understand, Something Changes

Mooji and members of the audience explore what it feels like to be open to awakening.

17. I Feel Like I'm Being Drawn Somewhere

Mooji answers questions from the audience and offers advice for opening up to the understanding.

18. This is the Most Beautiful Place I Have Ever Been

An audience member shares her story and gratitude for the satsang and her journey of awakening, loss, and coming home to satsang.

19. Music and Greetings with Mooji

End of Day 2, session 1 of the 2 day Mooji Intensive in the UK.

20. I Don't Want to Go Back The Way I Came

Mooji discusses with the group how they wish to transform during the satsang.

21. I Was Trying to be an Enlightened Body

Mooji describes the process of becoming aware of your own presence, and how your desires and intentions change with awakening.

22. This is a Good Place to Die

A seeker describes that she felt like she might literally die at the satsang, and when she allowed herself to recognize that she became more awake.

23. The Opening Up Feels Like an Explosion

A guest describes the feeling of bursting with excitement, and Mooji advises how to navigate the excitement to awareness.

24. Illness is Taking Away My Focus on Consicousness

A guest tells Mooji her illness distracts her from her practice, Mooji guides her to find stillness through the experience.

25. How Does the Now Become Enlightenment

Seekers ask how becoming present to the moment allows awakening, and Mooji expands on the knowledge that the present moment is the awareness of awakeneing.

26. I Feel Bad and I Don't Know Why

Mooji guides a guest through her emotions and into the present moment.

27. Closing Statements and Hugs

Mooji ends the final session of the 2 day satsang with greetings.


Mooji is one of the most well known contemporary teachers of the Advaita Vedanta tradition...

How does this workshop work?

This workshop is a 2-Day satsang intensive with Mooji filmed live in London. Join us as Mooji guides the audience through topics of mindfulness, enlightenment and suffering.

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