Satsang is the invitation to step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will burn only what you are not.

There is one satsang for each day of the World Yoga Festival, offering the opportunity to bring forward any questions, doubts, testimonies and observations to Mooji. This is for all to benefit from Mooji’s presence, wisdom, and direct, loving guidance. We are highly encouraged to be open, honest and natural with him. We will move in silence throughout these three days. It is good to use the time outside Satsang hours for genuine introspection. Satsang with Mooji is an auspicious opportunity to come into the direct recognition of our true nature as effortless Being--pure awareness itself.

Filmed at The World Yoga Festival in Reading, 2016.

Modules: 19
Duration: A 3 Day Satsang
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01. Welcome to Satsang with Sri Mooji

Mooji welcomes the World Yoga Festival audience on day 1, and starts with a discussion on the experiences that lead us to explore more deeply.

02. My Mind is Clear, But I Feel Pain

Mooji asks his seekers to trust their experience, and to believe in the knowing of oneness based on life's evidence.

03. I Wish My Teacher Was You

A seeker asks Mooji how awakening experiences can be taught or cultivated earlier in life.

04. The Stateless State

Mooji guides a guest into the stateless state - from a place of suffering into joy.

05. Break Open to True Love

Mooji begins day 2 of the World Yoga Festival inviting his guests to break open to true love by awakening to the moment.

06. The Universal Addiction is to "I"

A seeker asks Mooji about food addiction - and Mooji responds that every person is addicted to their body's experience, and the mind's facade of person-hood.

07. I'm Just Believing My Roles

A guest asks Mooji how to hold things together - and Mooji responds that experience recognizes that you don't have to DO anything, and shares a story of how he met and old friend after his own awakening experience, and the difference between what Mooji expected to feel verses what Being presented.

08. Two Sides of the Coin

Mooji discusses the difference between language, culture, science, and pure experience, and how these tools can assist in truth and also distract if the mind gets in the way.

09. Standing in Presence

Mooji acknowledges that sometimes showing up is often more important than getting it right.

10. Closing Music and Hugs

Mooji and team close day 2 with greetings and music.

11. Bhajans Part 1

Musicians inspired by the teachings of Mooji delight the audience with early morning singing and dancing to start Day 3.

12. Bhajans Part 2

Musicians inspired by the teachings of Mooji delight the audience with early morning singing and dancing.

13. Highest Purpose

Mooji begins the day describing what he finds is our highest purpose - awakening and evolving, knowing the self ever deeper.

14. The Strength to Stay With the Self

A seeker asks Mooji about the apparent worship that seems to surround him. Another seeker asks for the courage to stay in the place of the self, and not feel hostage to a definition of the self.

15. Finding Clarity

Mooji and an audience member discuss the difference between needing to find the shift and living in it.

16. What is Prayer?

Mooji answers that if there is sincerity in prayer, it will be met somehow, as a method to find clarity if it is helpful, however there can be many tools to help re-connect.

17. I Surrendered

A guest shares her experience of exploring the dissolving of what she understood about her life and her discovery of Mooji videos online.

18. Breaking Free

A woman breaks down and open and finds solace and comfort with Mooji.

19. Music and Closing

Mooji thanks everyone and closes day 3 at the World Yoga Festival


Mooji is one of the most well known contemporary teachers of the Advaita Vedanta tradition...

How does this workshop work?

This workshop is a 3-Day satsang intensive with Mooji filmed live at theWorld Yoga Festival in Reading. Join us as Mooji guides the audience through topics of mindfulness, enlightenment and suffering.

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