Michael Brabant, PhD has been trained in both the academic and clinical settings as well as studied with shamans, mystics, and intuitive healers.

His path began by reaching for transcendence to move away from deep psychological pain. By uncovering the beauty within his pain, the light within his shadow, and the intelligence within his confusion, he now shares a teaching called Divine Humanity. His first 5 years in graduate school were spent in a clinical psychology doctoral program and he eventually transferred to Saybrook University to complete his PhD in Psychology and Transformative Learning Communities.

By synthesizing the most potent inner technologies and the outer knowledge related to transformation, the Divine Humanity teaching helps people build the energetic, relational and emotional infrastructure to live our lives from the wisdom of our body and with the recognition that everything that happens is informed by a sacred intelligence.

I am interested in working with people who are wanting to awaken and embody that awakening fully and deeply. My approach is informed by a unified view of reality and a commitment to embodying truth, soul's purpose, and egoless power in service of the evolution of consciousness as a whole.
Michael Brabant, PhD