A series of mixed-level yoga classes, meditations, pranayama (breathing exercises) and asana tutorials from the Life Centre’s Nicole Heller that focus on finding love and compassion in your practice and in your life.

These yoga classes leverage the strength and alignment required to work towards more advanced heart and hip opening postures.

In addition to improving physical strength and conditioning, these classes also invite you to shed the layers of emotional pain that may inhibit your practice, and find the courage to remain open-hearted in your everyday interactions.

Modules: 9
Duration: 3.5 Hours Of Yoga Asana and Yogic Practices
9 Yoga Classes
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01. Introduction to Loving Kindness

Nicole introduces her Loving Kindness series for Conscious Life.

02. Divine Love

Nicole leads student Gillian through a class that prepares the body for the hip and heart opening posture, hanumanasana (splits). All levels.
1h 0min

03. Shoulderstand Tutorial

Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) is an extremely beneficial posture; unfortunately, it can be one of the most harmful when practised incorrectly over time. Here, Nicole takes student Gillian through a short tutorial on how to safely get into the posture, with several modifications offered. All levels.

04. Dare to Open Your Heart

Nicole leads student Gillian through a series of shoulder and hip opening postures that build towards pincha mayurasana (feathered peacock pose), an advanced forearm balance that is mastered in different stages. Intermediate.

05. Cultivating Consciousness: A Guided Loving Kindness Meditation

A guided meditation that aims to cultivate compassion towards ourselves and towards others. All levels.

06. Letting Go of Anger: Lion's Breath Pranayama

Nicole demonstrates the pranayama (breathing) practice known as ‘lion’s breath’, a great exercise for releasing anger and tension. All levels.

07. Moving the Metta

Nicole leads a yin-inspired practice that melts tension away, calms the nervous system and leaves you feeling grounded and peaceful. In cultivating this physical and emotional state, the metta (kindness) is able to flow more easily. All levels.

08. Let Your Heart Sing in Wild Thing Pose

A class that explores Wild Thing Pose, a playful backbending posture that really opens up the heart and brings out the child in all of us. Intermediate.

09. Spread Your Wings Wide

A short class with Nicole that leverages the mechanics of garudasana (eagle pose), a highly effective shoulder and hip-opening balancing pose that can be performed by anyone with the appropriate modification. All levels.


Not only did the yoga practice strengthen her back, but she also found inner strength & peace through her asana practice...

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