In this in-depth course, Michael Brabant, PhD directs you into the wellspring of wisdom, healing, power, and love that lies within the radiance of your body.

When you’ve exhausted all the other paths to what you want to achieve, this true path to fulfillment awaits patiently with reservoirs of knowledge for the answers you seek. On the other side of the lost-ness of his own suffering and meanderings through various external authorities and teachings, Michael has discovered and here shares a deeply profound offering that helps you get in touch with your body’s whispers, that with practice will eventually yield a voice, and finally strong, undeniably clear guidance. Through deceptively simple body-based meditations and breathing exercises, Michael helps you get clearly in touch with your life’s natural unfolding through the vehicle you arrived in, helping you stay the course of your soul’s divinely unique path.

Modules: 8
Duration: An in-depth course
8 Sessions
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Try now for free Learning to rest deeper into the body allows for a visceral shift from the constant cognizing of reality.
Michael Brabant, PhD


01. Introduction

Michael introduces his history as a clinical psychologist who went through his spiritual journey with a basis of the Integral Approach after recognizing his own suffering from the suffering of others.

02. Internalizing Our Authority

Michael describes the options of the mind as a dictator or as a servant, and gives information on how to be the authority over your mind through understanding in the body. He offers a simple yes or no practice to start tuning in with basic choices.

03. Somatic Meditation

Learning to rest deeper into the body allows for a visceral shift from constant cognizing of reality. Michael offers a meditation exercise to practice this concept.

04. The Earth as a Trustable Mother

Michael discusses the earth as an important element in grounding through the body for a centering of the mind.

05. Posture of Pure Awareness

Michael discusses the Posture of Pure Awareness as a method of checking in with points in the body to come back to the present moment and increase mindfulness.

06. Impulse Prevents Healing and Perpetuates Suffering

Michael describes how intense experiences can increase impulse decisions, and encourages more awareness practice when life becomes busy in order to make decisions that are "yummy" from our core rather than the ego.

07. Becoming an Inner Ethnographer

Michael suggests becoming and observer of your own inner knowing, approaching yourself with as much curiosity and nuetrality as possible.

08. Integration

In conclusion to the course, Michael describes how each of these processes move through our capacity to stay grounded in the face of the unknown with greater intensity.


Michael Brabant, PhD has been trained in both the academic and clinical settings as well as studied with shamans, mystics, and intuitive healers...

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Living from the Wisdom of the Body explores embodiment exercises to tap into the rich wisdom and power of your body. Join us as Michael Brabant works through breathing exercises and meditations to find the love that resides in your own being.

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