Meditation is one of the most powerful tools available to support well-being, health, happiness, and fulfillment in our lives.

In this easy to follow and highly accessible course, in just 10 minutes a day Alex teaches you the fundamentals of meditation and guides you to establish a daily practice.

Modules: 14
Duration: 14 Ten Min Sessions
14 Days
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Try now for free Meditation is not about stopping thoughts, it’s about letting them go.
Alex Howard


01. Day One

Begin the first day of your 2 week meditation tutorial.

02. Day Two

People have a lot of expectations around ‘meditation’, but the truth is the experience is different for everyone. In day two of your 14 day course, Alex Howard explores some of these challenges.

03. Day Three

One of the most challenging elements of developing a meditation practice is noticing thoughts without trying to stop them. In today’s video, Alex Howard talks about the best way to do this.

04. Day Four

One of the things that can happen when we start to meditate is that we put a spotlight on our thinking processes – something that Alex covers in today’s video.

05. Day Five

In today’s video Alex covers some common understandings about ‘correct’ posture and offers some suggestions and ideas that you can tailor for your own needs.

06. Day Six

One of the ironies of meditation is that we want to come to a place of no effort, but ultimately we need to make some effort to get there. In today’s video, Alex discusses this seeming paradox.

07. Day Seven

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the first week of your 14 day meditation course!

08. Day Eight

In today’s video Alex talks about how to establish your meditation practice as a part of your life

09. Day Nine

In modern culture, one of the ways we get habituated to being in the world is by achieving. But meditation is not about doing, it’s about being.

10. Day Ten

In today’s video Alex talks about how you can feel more grounded and more present throughout your life, not just during your 10 minutes of meditation.

11. Day Eleven

In today’s video, Alex talks about how meditation can change us from the inside, so that we’re better armed to meet life’s challenges.

12. Day Twelve

Without regularity, you’re unlikely to see the real benefits of meditation. In today’s video, Alex talks about what’s really required to cultivate a daily practice and what the barriers might be to this.

13. Day Thirteen

In today’s video Alex talks about the important of patience and how it can support you.

14. Day Fourteen

In today’s video Alex talks about how you can develop your practice further.


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