Jayson Gaddis — host of the Smart Couple Podcast is THE breakthrough marriage and relationship teacher for smart, successful, people.

He gets you the relationship results you want, fast. He’s very efficient and only works with the most motivated of individuals and couples who really want to change their patterns for good. He will teach you how to use conflict to create a more fulfilling and sustainable relationship. Jayson has a sixth sense when it comes to conflict and can get to the core of any conflict immediately. He teaches virtual relationship empowerment classes to students around the globe.

He’s a husband and part-time stay-at-home Dad getting schooled by his two cosmic kids. His family is the center of his Universe and when he tries to wiggle away from what he teaches, his wife and kids hold him accountable to living it, daily.

With a relationship, if you don't tend to the garden, you get weeds
Jayson Gaddis