In this exciting “playshop”, Will Pye guides you towards a deep understanding of radical gratitude and how it can transform daily life.

You will explore how perspective determines experience, how you can use all life events as a source of expansion and growth, and how to be fully present to whatever arises.

Modules: 13
Duration: A 6 hour workshop
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Will Pye


01. Introduction to Radical Gratitude

Will Pye introduces the concept of ‘radical gratitude’, and takes viewers into a short, grounding meditation.

02. The Raisin Experience

Viewers are led through a sensory exercise to explore how intimacy with the present moment can bring about a state of gratitude.

03. Shifting State

Will Pye leads an exercise that can bring about an enhanced emotional state, followed by feedback from live audience members.

04. To Live a Grateful Life

Live audience members discuss practices that help them to nurture gratitude in their lives.

05. Feeling Gratitude

Will Pye presents recent findings from the world of neuro-cardiology, that are useful to our understanding of human intelligence and intuition.

06. Love and Gratitude Meditation

Will Pye guides viewers through a short meditation that helps to cultivate love and gratitude.

07. Radical Gratitude Questions and Comments

Live audience members discuss how they are experiencing the workshop so far. This is followed by a short meditation, before going in to a break.

08. Seeing Enemies and Bodhisattvas

Will Pye introduces the idea of seeing enemies as bodhisattvas.

09. The Radical Gratitude Process

Will Pye introduces the second half of the workshop. After a short meditation, the group then explores the possibility that our enemies are our bodhisattvas.

10. Power Pauses

Will Pye introduces the practice of power pauses that allow us to stop and contact our awareness.

11. Being Gratitude

Following a love and gratitude meditation, the group discusses how their sense of gratitude has developed during the workshop.

12. Eye Gazing Meditation

For the final exercise, live audience members are led through an eye gazing meditation in groups of two, before sharing their experiences of the practice.

13. Closing Questions and Comments

Live audience members share what they will be taking away from the workshop. Will Pye then answers questions from viewers at home.


A quest to realize the nature of reality and answer life’s biggest questions for himself coupled with a desire to escape his pain, saw an exhaustive study of various fields of human endeavour...

How does this playshop work?

Introduction to Radical Gratitude is a 6-hour "playshop" recorded live at Conscious Life in London. Join us as Will Pye guides you towards deep understanding of radical gratitude and how it can trasnform daily life.

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