OM (Orgasmic Meditation) is like yoga for your sex life. It is a simple practice that brings you closer to yourself, closer to your partner, and closer to your orgasm.

Put simply it is a 15-minute partnered practice that combines clitoral stimulation with meditative practice. The more you do this practice, the more you feel.

Explicit: This workshop series contains content meant for adult audiences only.

Modules: 20
Duration: A 6 hour workshop
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Try now for free Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a practice that combines the power and attention of meditation with the deeply human, deeply felt, and connected experience of orgasm
One Taste


01. Introduction

Marc and Justine from One-Taste welcome the audience to the workshop.

02. Marc and Justine’s Stories

Justine and Marc introduce themselves and how they got started with the Orgasmic Meditation practice.

03. Exercise: What is your Background with Sexuality

Justine invites the group to write down their sexual story, picking one theme in particular to unwrap.

04. Climax vs Orgasm

Marc explains the difference between climax and orgasm, and the difference between masculine and feminine orgasm.

05. Fairy Tale Exercise

Justine and Marc invite the group to work in couples to tell a story in turns to experience changing story lines to get the sense of a changing scenario.

06. Tumescence and Light Stroking of Hand

Justine invites the group to partner off and experience light hand stroking to determine the changing point of pleasure to discomfort, thus demonstrating tumescence.

07. The Natural Laws of Orgasm

Justine explains the guidelines that teach us how to work with the energy of intense tumescence.

08. Exercise: Why Do you Want it?

Justine guides the audience into exploring the ambivalence of our desires.

09. Limbic System

Marc describes the physiology of the limbic system and how it applies to how we connect to each other.

10. DEMO (Explicit: Adult Content)

One-taste presents a demonstration of the orgasmic meditation practice.

11. Questions

Marc and Justine answer questions from the first half of the workshop.

12. Setting up the OM

Marc describes and demonstrates the structure of the orgasmic meditation practice.

13. Noticing a Partners Face

Justine and Marc explain how acknowledging physical features of the face out loud help to build the trust and closeness during the OM experience.

14. Making Offers and Requests

Marc and Justine explore an exercise for communicating desires.

15. Pencil Exercise

Marc guides us into an exercise to practice stroking with a pencil.

16. Asking for an OM

Justine guides the audience into an exercise to practice asking for an OM.

17. Preparing for OM Practice

Justine describes setting up the nest to prepare for OM practice.

18. Questions

Justine and Marc discuss the experience with the live audience after their OM practice, and answer questions.

19. Coming Down

Marc and Justine discuss the post-OM experience and offer advice on how to come out of the OM practice.

20. Live Stream Questions

Marc and Justine take questions from the live-stream audience and close out the workshop.


Marc Quinn is co-founder of Turn On London, and a trainer of Orgasmic Meditation...
After several years of silent retreat experience, she felt called to extend her practice into the realm of relationship and intimacy...

How does this workshop work?

Essentials of Orgasmic Meditation is a 6-hour workshop recorded live at Conscious Life in London. Join us as Marc and Justine teach the core elements of Orgasmic Meditation a powerful pratice combining meditation and female orgasm. This workshop includes a 15-minute demonstration that is for adult audiences only.

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