Emily-Clare Hill has an enthusiastic presence within all styles of yoga, with a huge passion for the practise, well-being and community.

Emily is an advanced teacher Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher. She is one of the founding ambassadors of Lululemon Covent Garden, giving Emily a platform to be central part of a greater yoga community. She has background in anatomy and is also a Thai Yoga Massage therapist.

Emily’s ability to offer a fun dynamic stretchy practise with fluid mindful technique, a lot of love and a little banter stands her aside from the crowd. Her knowledge of anatomy allows her to weave together a creative sequence that will leave you feeling inspired, fearless and ready. Classes are themed around an inspirational topic to offer an intention for practise... supported by the breath and always encouraging Emily instills a mindful, conscious practise of being in the moment.

Yoga is a light which once lit will never dim.
Emily-Clare Hill