Elizabeth grew up in the Midlands and went to University in Durham, starting her love of the north of the UK.

After graduating, she moved to London and worked in the City in corporate finance for 19 years. Working a lot with developing markets meant that she was lucky enough to travel extensively for work, igniting her second love - that of exploring the world.

Elizabeth discovered yoga about 20 years ago at The Life Centre and then with her first main teacher, Simon Low – the weekly yoga class became a sacrosanct part of her diary. A regular yoga practice changed much about her life and how she chose to live it. A few events in her working life were wake up calls that life was unpredictable and that longer term plans should not be taken for granted – one needs to live for the present. So in 2000, Elizabeth and her partner left the City to travel and it was on this trip that they first met some of the great yogis of our generation who were to become friends and regular visitors to the UK. Upon returning to London Elizabeth knew that another job in the City was not what the next part of her life should be. In that wonderful way that is LIFE, her future direction became clear when she became involved with The Life Centre as a shareholder and director at just the right time – the place she had started her yoga journey years before and where so many of her teachers were based.

The Life Centre yoga, therapies and living consciously changes people’s lives.
Elizabeth Stanley