The Body of Meditation

Dr. Reginald "Reggie" Ray

Dr. Reginald "Reggie" Ray

A practical workshop with Reggie Ray to help understand why you may be struggling to develop a consistent meditation practice, with a particular focus upon the importance of being in our body during meditation and life.

In this workshop Reggie Ray explores why for many of us meditation can be such a challenging practice and offers some clear guidance to help develop a regular practice. One important element of this from Reggie’s teaching is the role of the body and the practice of being “in our body.” As part of the workshop Reggie guides several long and powerful meditations to help you take theory into practice and deepen your meditation practice.

3 modules course
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Module 1

Introduction to the Body of Meditation

Alex Howard and Reggie Ray introduce this interactive interview and workshop on meditation.


Module 2

Ten points practice

Ten points practice with Reggie Ray.


Module 3

Q&A with Reggie Ray

Reggie answers questions from the live audience about meditation and the somatic practices around it.


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