Introduction to Conscious Parenting

Marci Davis

Marci Davis

In this in-depth course, psychotherapist Marci Davis acts as your guide through a powerful exploration of what it means to be a conscious parent. Marci combines key principles from developmental psychology and attachment theory with her own “in the trenches” experience as a wife and mother. Through her engaging and fun style, Marci makes the ideas offered accessible and easy to follow, inspiring you to not only be the best parent you can be, but also use it as a path to support your own inner growth and development. The course also includes a recording of one-hour family meeting with Marci with her husband and two daughters, demonstrating the principles in the real world.

14 modules course
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Module 1


Marci introduces the course and idea of Conscious Parenting.


Module 2

Attachment Cycle

Marci discusses the attachment cycle theory, and how to help your child with trusting the world.


Module 3

Stages of Development - The Beginning (age 0-1.5 years)

Marci introduces the various stages of family development, starting with "the beginning", focusing on the newborn to 1.5 years.


Module 4

Stages of Development - Autonomy vs Shame (age 1.5-3 years)

Marci explores the concept of "autonomy vs shame" for the 1.5 to 3 year old development stage.

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