Cultivating Relational Intelligence

Jeffrey Jessum

Jeffrey Jessum

Relationship is everything. It’s how we relate to ourselves, to others, and to the world around us. Having healthy relationships is not just about how to be with other people. It starts with a greater understanding of all the parts of yourself and finding peace with those parts. Then it extends outward to learn how to become more sensitive and empathetic with others while maintaining that deep knowing of the self. It’s about learning what ingredients make up a healthy relationship, and what we personally need to feel nourished and enlivened by our relationships.

In this course, through a series of teachings and beautiful guided meditations, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Jessum helps you create a better relationship to yourself as the core foundation for healthy relations with others. He then describes the essence of healthy relationship, and offers additional practices to help us identify and create health and happiness through greater relational intelligence with all the aspects of our life.

7 modules course
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