In this in-depth course, psychotherapist Marci Davis acts as your guide through a powerful exploration of what it means to be a conscious parent. Marci combines key principles from developmental psychology and attachment theory with her own “in the trenches” experience as a wife and mother.

Through her engaging and fun style, Marci makes the ideas offered accessible and easy to follow, inspiring you to not only be the best parent you can be, but also use it as a path to support your own inner growth and development. The course also includes a recording of one-hour family meeting with Marci with her husband and two daughters, demonstrating the principles in the real world.

Modules: 14
Duration: An in depth course
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Try now for free We don't do everything perfect, but I disclose this to you so you can see everyone's priorities and boundaries are different. Mistakes build character, and you will be challenged on every stage of development.
Marci Davis


01. Introduction to Conscious Parenting

Marci introduces the course and idea of Conscious Parenting

02. Attachment Cycle

Marci discusses the attachment cycle theory, and how to help your child with trusting the world.

03. Stages of Development: The Beginning

Marci introduces the various stages of family development, starting with "the beginning", focusing on the newborn to 1.5 years.

04. Stages of Development: Autonomy vs Shame

Marci explores the concept of "autonomy vs shame" for the 1.5 to 3 year old development stage.

05. Stages of Development: Initiative vs Guilt

Continuing with the stages of development, Marci discusses "initiative vs. guilt" in the 3-5 year age range

06. Stages of Development: Industry vs Inferiority

Marci discusses the next stage of development, "industry vs inferiority" for the age range of 5-12 years.

07. Stages of Development: Identity vs Role Confusion

Going further through the stages of development, Marci talks about "identity vs role confusion" in the teen years, 12-18.

08. Stages of Development: Adulthood

Concluding the stages of development, Marci establishes the concept and meaning of "adulthood" ages 18+

09. Awareness and Grounding of the Couplehood Part 1

Marci discusses the first part of "awareness and grounding of the couplehood"

10. Awareness and Grounding of the Couplehood Part 2

Marci expands on the second part of "awareness and grounding of the couplehood"

11. Object Relations

Marci explores the concept of "object relations"

12. Priorities and Boundaries

Marci delves into the importance of priorities and boundaries in conscious parenting.

13. The Family Meeting

Marci and her family join together to give an example of a Conscious Parenting family meeting.

14. Conclusion

Marci concludes the Conscious Parenting course series.


Marci views working with individuals and families as an incredible art project. Endless possibility, ways to express and evolve together...

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Parenting from the Inside Out is an in depth course with Marci Davis. It comprises of 14 episodes exploring human development and attachment theory through her own experience as a mother and psychotherapist.

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