Chela Davison is the Managing Director of Leadership & Strategic Innovation at Integral Coaching Canada (ICC).

ICC is an international professional coach training company founded in Ottawa, Canada. ICC's proprietary Integral Coaching® method and extraordinary coach training programs are unequaled in the world. The school has certified hundreds of Master Level Coaches all around the globe, offering the Integral Coaching® Certification Program in North America, Europe and Australia. Chela is the lead teacher for the school's Master Certification Training Program.

Chela is also a recognized name in the personal development field and entrepreneurship industry. Her writing appears in numerous online publications including the Huffington Post and Elephant Journal. In her private coaching practice, she has masterfully coached renowned authors and entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, coaches and executives, people making change, seeking change and expanding their spheres of influence.

When it comes to practice, we can often feel that the things we are consciously or intentionally engaging with, those are the only things that are developing us. And we might think this is the ‘real’ practice, and that everyday, ordinary life is not real practice.
Chela Davison