Bence Ganti explores the Integral Approach (based on the work of Ken Wilber), his own personal journey, and his work developing Integral Flow Therapy.

Interview filmed at the first Integral European Conference in Budapest. Bence Ganti, M.A. (psychology), clinical psychologist is the director of IEC 2014 along with Dennis Wittrock and also an originator and visionary of this event. He is a co-founder and board member of the Integral Europe team and also the founder and director of one of Europe’s most successful long-term integral communities the Integral Academy of Hungary. Bence is a clinical psychologist native to Budapest who has found Integral Theory in 1997 being a university student at that time at ELTE. Along with having been spent years under private mentorship in Hungary to gain personal experience and going through his opening process integral together with Wilber’s Integral Theory it has determined his professional orientation for a life to the transpersonal and integral approach. It all has led him establish the Integral Academy (INTA) of Hungary in 2006. It is a 3-year theoretical and experiential integral psychology program, an independent transformational adult education school in Budapest. For 8 years now it has been training integral counselors and has changed the life of many. He is also is the founder of the Integral Flow Therapy group process. Bence splits time between Budapest and the San Francisco Bay Area in the USA and has also given courses and workshops in Germany, Bulgaria, Russia. He has been first a visitor then a presenter a workshop giver and a panelist of many of the major integral conferences, gatherings and centers in the USA since 2004. Ken Wilber invited him to be the branch coordinator of Integral Institute for Europe.

We have created an insane world, and that is why people are breaking down; because their souls can sense that this is the case.
Bence Ganti