Anita grew up in Norway but spent 20 years in New York as a Yoga and Fitness Instructor.

Her foundation as a yoga teacher comes from Ashtanga Yoga and was trained and certified by Beryl Bender Birch.

Anita’s creative spirit lead her to Vinyasa yoga and fuse yoga with her fitness background. In 2004 she published a book through McGraw-Hill; ‘Your Best Body Ever’ using yoga as the foundation for the gym. In 2007 after the birth of her son, and to get back in shape Anita developed ‘Fitness Vinyasa’ a signature fusion yoga workout that integrates yoga and fitness as a home practice and to save time. She also over the years developed a love for the Moon and started to design her yoga practices around the moon phases. Presently she is writing a Moon Phase Yoga Wellness Book. Anita started her YouTube channel ‘Anita Goa TV’ in 2010 to extend her love of yoga, fitness and life philosophy to serve people all over the world. Out of that grew a following of Goa Flow-ers and her signature yoga style ‘Goa Flow.’ In 2014 Anita and her family; (husband Sanjay and son, Lars) left NY for London. She is very grateful for this opportunity to connect back to her European roots and share her passion for living life to its fullest potential; on and off the yoga mat.

Every day: laugh, love & sweat Work hard but smart Stay grounded yet reach upward Live life with Prana Be a Life Force!
Anita Goa