In this introductory course, author, meditation teacher, and world religion expert Dustin DiPerna explores fundamental questions about the spiritual path, and how and why to bother navigating it.

Deciding to take up a spiritual practice is just the beginning of a lifelong journey through different modalities, traditions, teachers, and changing relationships with our self and our world. This very practical and grounded guide engages not only the questions, but also offers practices to help you get in touch with answers that inform your unique path. Learn how to pick a teacher, how to be a sincere student, and what the real world benefits of engaging a spiritual practice offer to you and to the world. Even seasoned practitioners can find wisdom and new inspiration in this course.

Modules: 10
Duration: A 1 Hour Course
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Try now for free Through things like meditation, you learn to settle your mind, you develop a sense of inter-connectedness, and you begin to have less self referencing - developing the foundation for a happier life.
Dustin DiPerna


01. Introduction with Dustin DiPerna

Dustin DiPerna speaks briefly about his background and spiritual journey, including the teachers he follows and the wisdom practices he explores.

02. Why Engage a Spiritual Practice?

Dustin explores the difference between "Happiness" and "happiness" and how they're each part of finding an inner truth with spiritual work.

03. How to Turn Your Attention to Spiritual Practice

Dustin describes the urge to find satisfaction as the doorway to the pathway of a spiritual practice.

04. Practice Impermanence

Dustin guides you through a meditative practice focusing on the present moment and releasing the permanent state.

05. Types of Practice

Dustin explores different types of practice that those who are spiritually inclined may choose to connect to insight and direct living experience.

06. Dancing with the Breath

Leading you through breathing awareness exercises, Dustin demonstrates becoming present with the breath as a practice.

07. Qualities of a Spiritual Teacher

Finding a spiritual teacher or friend is another level of experiencing your spiritual practice. Dustin offers some advice on finding a spiritual teacher that can assist with your practice.

08. Qualities of a Spiritual Student

Dustin says that as a spiritual student, there is a responsibility to show up maturely and respectfully, being aware of varying levels of spiritual awareness in different areas of development.

09. Real World Impact

We live in an interesting time where inner work and external work create an impact in the living world as we do our spiritual work.

10. The Fruits of Spiritual Practice

Dustin discusses the benefits of spiritual practice, which in and of themselves guide us to continue to grow and take our practice into the world.


Dustin DiPerna is an author, meditation teacher, and recognized expert in world religions...

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